New FRENSON ELITE RACING thumb compass
FRENSON ELITE RACING compass features innovative design combined with extra strong magnet and sophisticated needle stabilization technology - optimized for performance and stability at speed, both for professional athletes and recreational runners. Ergonomically shaped, high-transparency, angled thumb plate with 1 cm markings and the center of capsule being offset gives you a clear view of map details and intuitive natural feel for precise direction. 

- Extra durable, ergonomic thumb plate, designed for maximum visibility;
- No superfluous markings, just a 1cm ruler marks;
- 4cm long target pointer-sideline helps to run straighter;
- Needle balanced for the specific earth's magnetic zone (MN, NME, ME, SME ,MS);
- Optimized needle performance and stability at speed;
- Highest grade, very strong permanent neodymium magnet;
- Center of capsule offset by 7mm to improve precision;
- Electro-orange compass arrow for extra visibility;
- Available in left-hand and right-hand versions;
- Compatible with all the most popular magnifiers;
- Overall dimensions: 3.7" x 2.7" x 0.5" (9.5cm x 7cm x 1.2 cm)
- Net weight: 1.02 oz. (29 grams) 
- Warranty period: 3 years
- Made in Europe

The earth’s magnetic field does not flow evenly between the magnetic poles along the surface of the planet. The local magnetic field lines tilt as you approach a pole, flowing completely vertical at either pole. To compensate for the natural tilt in the magnetic field FRENSON compasses have a balancing system with needles balanced for each magnetic zone, that results in much faster needle settling times and excellent needle stability while running.

MN - Magnetic North
NME - North magnetic Equator
ME - Magnetic Equator
SME - South magnetic Equator
MS - Magnetic South

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